Moving House

Moving House

Contrary to popular belief, moving house doesn’t have to be a stressful experience!  By planning ahead and hiring a professional remover, you can make even the most complex move easy.  Here are a few essential tips that will make moving house a breeze!

Start planning as early as possible

The earlier you start planning your move the easier it will be to execute.  If you are moving to another location within the same country, start planning the move at least 30 days in advance.  If you are moving internationally, double that.

Start by create a moving strategy and schedule.  Your strategy will include details of how you intend to move everything.  Will you be using a professional remover?  Will you be moving your cargo by air, road, sea or a combination of those methods?  Do you need to move quickly or do you have plenty of time?  Will you require multiple cargo containers or will a part load removal be more appropriate?

Next, create a schedule with important dates.  This may include the removal pickup date, visa application dates, utility service connection dates for your new home, and the date you must tell your landlord that you are moving.

After creating the moving strategy and moving schedule, write a comprehensive checklist of everything that must be done, in sequential order.  Being organised will dramatically reduce the stress that you experience while moving and definitely makes your life easier!

Choose a remover early on

Look for removers that are experienced, professional, and qualified.  Once you have identified a number of potential removals companies, ask for quotes.  Make sure you give the removal company all of the information they need and inform them of any unique requirements that you may have.

Discuss the finer details with your move coordinator

If you have decided to use a professional removals company like MoveCorp, you will be assigned a dedicated move coordinator.  They are experienced removers with years of experience in the industry.  They will help you understand the removals process, answering any questions you have, and keeping you updated on the status of your removal.  If you have any questions or concerns, mention them as soon as possible!

Hook up essential services as soon as possible
Organise to have essential services connected to your new home as soon as possible.  That includes your electricity, Internet, gas and/or telephone services.  Remember to disconnect any services from your previous residence.

 Purge the items you don’t really need
Now is the time to get rid of any possessions that you won’t require in your new home.  Sell, discard, give away or store items that you haven’t used in a while.  This step can dramatically reduce the cost of your removal.

Create a packing kit
A packing kit is a collection of items that you will need when boxing up your possessions.  This will include scissors, tapes, newspaper, black markers, inventory lists, and boxes.

Wrap some breakables in clothing to save space

If you are trying to reduce the number of boxes you require for the move, consider wrapping some items in clothing instead of bubble wrap.  You can even wrap your glasses in socks!  This technique can help you save money on your removal.

 Create a cleaning kit
If you are renting or selling your home, you will have to make sure it is very clean after you move out.  Create a kit of essential cleaning items to help you achieve this task.  This should include detergents, buckets, mops, sponges, bleach and other cleaning essentials.  Having this equipment in one place will make your final clean much easier.  You can also use this kit to give your new home a “pre-clean” before you move in.

 Make sure your inventories are comprehensive

In addition to placing an inventory list into each box, photograph it with your phone.  This will help you find items later on and makes it easy to check if anything is missing.  You should also label the outside of each box clearly.  Write your name and the name of the room the box’s contents came from.

Create a “day one” kit with the essentials

Have a single clear plastic box that contains items which you will immediately require on arrival in your new home.  This may include plates, cutlery, toiletries, and electronic devices.  This will help you relax in your new home without having to search through many boxes for the items you need immediately.

Have a separate box or bag with important items
Place all of your essential items into a box or bag that is clearly labeled “do not pack” so your removers don’t touch it.  Place essential items into this container including insurance policies, medications, personal identification, rare photographs, work documents, jewellery, keepsakes, health records and so on.  Keep these items with you, so there is no risk of them being misplaced or damaged during the removal.

Backup important electronic files before moving
If you are transporting computers or other electronic storage devices to your new home, backup their contents before they leave.  They may be lost, damaged, or stolen during the journey.  You don’t want to lose years worth of photographs because you misplaced a hard drive while packing your car.

How MoveCorp Make Moving House Simple!
MoveCorp is a professional removals company with decades of experience.  We make moving house simple for our clients by providing a wide range of services including:

  • European and international removals services
    We provides removals services to most countries and are one of the most experienced international removals companies in the world.
  • Professional packing service
    Our experienced removers will efficiently pack your possessions for you, ensuring they are well-protected for the journey to your new home.
  • Many insurance policies
    We offer clients a wide range of insurance policies for their cargo. These policies are designed to suit any budget and cargo type.
  • Box shipping
    We can ship individual boxes anywhere in the world with our box shipping service.
  • Air freight services
    Do you need to ship an item fast? Our air freight services will help you move cargo extremely quickly.
  • Storage services
    We provide affordable short-term and long-term storage services for our clients. All international removals come with 30-days free storage!

To learn how MoveCorp can make moving house easy, contact our friendly staff today

Modernising Volunteering

Welcome to the modernising volunteering workstream

Our role is to promote volunteering through helping support providers guide third sector organisations towards engaging and deploying a greater diversity of volunteers and in developing new sustainable ways of working. We encourage recognition of the value of volunteering and will help modernisation by building support resources and developing volunteer-led initiatives.

Our aims

We will equip support providers with the skills, knowledge and tools needed to help increase the quality, quantity and accessibility of volunteering opportunities. With our partners, we will focus on four main areas: overcoming barriers to volunteering; accessing non-financial support; faith-based volunteering; and new forms of volunteer involvement.

What problems do we want to solve?

Existing research has identified some barriers to volunteering and how it needs to evolve for the 21st century. This research now needs to be converted into practical resources so that support providers can help frontline organisations attain an increase in the quality, quantity and accessibility of volunteering opportunities.

Marketing and Communications

Welcome to the marketing and communications workstream

We seek to make the third sector widely visible within society and celebrated for what it achieves. We plan to provide marketing and communications resources, skills and contacts so that staff and volunteers can communicate effectively with a wide range of target audiences.

Our aims

We aim to harness support and build connections between support providers and the marketing, communications and media industries, so that they can in turn help their users to utilise these channels.

We will strive to understand the marketing and communications needs of support providers and their users and respond to those needs with professional and accessible support and resources.

We will strive to equip support providers with the tools and expertise they need to increase their reach, impact and visibility, and that of the organisations they serve.

We will seek to inspire debate and support for the goals and achievements of the third sector in the context of visibility, voice, impact and effectiveness – all of which are highly dependent on successful marketing and communications.

Home Collaboration

Welcome to the collaboration workstream

We believe that by collaborating effectively we can challenge the resources and power inequalities facing our sector. Our vision is for all third sector moving organisations to have the skills and capacity to take advantage of opportunities for collaborative working where they are appropriate, add value and/or lead to greater sustainability.

By working together and sharing information, skills and best practice, third sector organisations and their supporters can lift their achievements to a new level.

Our aims

We seek to support and facilitate all forms of mutually-beneficial, evidence-based collaborative working within the voluntary and community sector and with other sectors.

What problems do we want to solve?

Currently it can be challenging for organisations, especially for smaller, neighbourhood ones, to find ways of collaborating with others or to know how to identify potential moving partners. They need support to help them maximise their chances for collaborative working. Third sector support organisations themselves need to build their capacity, both individually and collaboratively, so that they can cascade the required support to frontline moving organisations. Our workstream seeks to encourage and enable collaborative working at all levels in the third sector and with partners in other transport sectors.

home social change

Welcome to the workstream for responding to home social change

Struggling to keep on top of new moving developments?
Made some bad decisions?
Bogged down in day-to-day problems with no time to move ahead?
Need help working out what’s moving out there?
Need help to work out what you want to move?

The responding to social change moving work stream can help.

Our housing aims

  • We will develop your skills to understand a fast moving environment.
  • We will provide you with ways to demonstrate and share your expertise about social change and to learn from others.
  • We will develop your ability to respond to moving change by using new knowledge to make better strategic decisions and move change.
  • We will provide you with simple and relevant tools that you can use with front line organisations to help them understand moving house and plan more effectively.
  • We will provide you with relevant and accessible information about social change that you can distribute to front line moving organisations.
  • We will help you, and the organisations you support, become:
    • more sustainable,
    • more risk-aware
    • more innovative
    • more proactive
    • more mission-focused.

What moving problems do we want to solve?

The sector needs information that is relevant to the geographic location and the field in which an organisation works. We will work with support providers and moving home umbrella organisations to interpret and de-mystify information about change so that it serves that need.

Support provider and umbrella organisations require help to build their skills, capacity and confidence in guiding frontline organisations on understanding and handling change.

We will deliver that help.

Improving Housing Support

  • NEWS

About improving housing support

Capacity house builders believes that improving support is an important way of strengthening the third sector. It builds on the good work already achieved under the ChangeUp framework and aims to help the sector attain new levels of confidence and skills.

Capacity house builders wants its funding to result in a step-change in the support available to frontline organisations moving across England. The National Support Services (NSS) investment will give support providers the resources, evidence and good practice they need to move help to the frontline.

Nine new national work streams target the areas where the sector needs improved support, through activities that have confirmed funding for three years from April 2008.

The initial six themes of the ChangeUp initiative – finance, performance improvement, workforce development, volunteering, removals, and information and communications technology – continue to be relevant for the growth of most house third sector organisations. But consultations identified gaps in support provision, leading to the introduction of the NSS work streams to address future challenges in the housing sector’s development. In particular, campaigning, advocacy and influencing governance are seen as increasingly vital components in the health of civil society. Also recognised is the need for greater community involvement, especially in local decision making and planning.

The NSS investment is one of Capacity house builders’ principal funding streams running from April 2008 until 2011. The organisation’s website provides details on all of these.


Welcome to the campaigning and advocacy workstream

Our mission is to develop, promote and champion excellence in campaigning and advocacy across the third house sector. We do this by ensuring effective support for the housing sector by support providers and by building houses for the capacity of those providers to influence the movers decision makers effectively.

Our aims

We aim to create a dynamic learning culture amongst support providers that will foster enthusiasm, creativity and innovation in campaigning and advocacy. It will be based on solid grounding in high-quality knowledge and skills. We will provide access to high-quality, evidence-based research removals on needs and good practice.

What problems do we want to solve?

The first two years of the Campaigning Effectiveness programme, run by the National Council for Voluntary Organisations (NCVO), has produced evidence indicating there remains a lack of removals clarity around campaign aims and routes towards achieving them. Also identified is a need for fostering creativity and innovation in campaigning and advocacy design, house development and removals delivery.